Traditional Irish Clothing direct from the West of Ireland.

We carry top quality Tweed and Wax Jackets for women and men. the garments are functional, comfortable and of top quality.

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Braces and Bow Tie Set for Kids – Dark Red

This is a lovely set of Braces and Bow Tie suitable for Boys up to 6 years old’ This is

Braces Suspenders – Black with Ribbed Detail

Braces, Suspenders or Galluses, it doesn’t matter what you call them because they hold up our trousers! This is a

Braces Suspenders – Green and Navy Tartan

Braces, Suspenders or Galluses, whatever you call, them they hold our trousers! This is a nice set in a subtle

Braces Suspenders – Navy with attachments for Buttons

Braces or Suspenders for Pants with Buttons.

Braces Suspenders – Red and Navy Tartan

Braces, Suspenders or Galluses! They keep your trousers up and are cool! This is a nice set in a subtle

Celtic Cross Cufflinks

Celtic Cross Cufflinks with a Gold Coloured accent. The oldest crosses were erected over 1000 years ago and were a

Celtic Cufflinks with Green Weave

Celtic Cufflinks with a Green weave, intertwining knots were a symbol of Strength and Protection in Ancient Times. The size

Donegal Tweed Bow Tie – Lavender Check

An Irish Bow tie made from Donegal Tweed. A beautifully finished tie that is a fitting tribute to the magnificent

Fleece Lined Shirt – Full Collar – Blue Green Tartan Plaid

A fleece lined lumberjack shirt made by Lee Valley in a lovely Blue Green Tartan Plaid pattern similar to the

Grandfather Shirt – Blue Stripe

The Irish Grandfather or Granddad Shirt Soft Cotton with Blue Stripe originates from rural Co Cork, evoking memories of times

Irish Cufflinks – Lucky Penny

Irish Cufflinks with real Penny Coins – a great memory of the old coins and is a token of luck

Irish Cufflinks made with Donegal Tweed – Lichen Orange

Irish Cufflinks made from metal and Donegal Tweed. These are beautifully finished and are a fitting tribute to the magnificent