Irish Patch Caps are made from pieces of fine Donegal Tweed – the origin of patchworking was in less affluent times in Ireland when old garments were re-cycled and re-used.

These caps are made from a random pattern of colours – this makes sure that no 2 caps are ever the same. 

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Donegal Tweed – Childrens Patch Cap

Fantastic flat cap made from top quality Donegal Tweed, the brown is a warm classic tweed. Nothing cuter than a

Donegal Tweed Flat Cap – Patchwork Brown Tones

A Patchwork Flat Cap made from Donegal Tweed. The cap was an essential piece of clothing for the Irishman, there are stories about

Donegal Tweed Flat Cap – Patchwork Green Tones

A beautiful, traditional Cap made from top quality Donegal Tweed which is world famous for its quality and tradtion. This cap is from the

Donegal Tweed Flat Cap – Patchwork Red Patch

A beautiful Classic Flat Cap made from Donegal Tweed.The Tweed is made in the Northwest of Ireland and has worldwide fame.

Dubliner Patch Cap – Heavyweight Irish Tweed

The Dubliner Patch Cap is a stylish version of Irish Patch Cap made from heavyweight Irish Tweed – it features

Irish Tweed Patch Cap – Touring Style – Multi Colour Patch

Beautiful  cap from Hanna Hats in Donegal Ireland. The Touring Style Cap is a lightly more modern take on the