Grandad or Grandpa Shirts made by Lee Valley Clothing in the Rebel County of Cork are some of our most popular lines.

Made from Cotton or Linen and finished to a superb quality.

The shirts are easy to wear and get more comfortable with use. Some people call them Grandad Shirts, Grandpa Shirts or Collarless Shirts.

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Irish Grandfather Shirt – Ivory with Blue Stripe

The shirts come from rural Co Cork and bring back  memories of time gone by. They can be called Grandfather Shirts, Grandad Shirts

Vintage Style Grandfather Shirt – Blue with White Stripe

Grandfather Shirts are an Irish design classic! These shirts come from rural Co Cork and are a fantastic example of

Grandfather Shirt – Blue Stripe

The Irish Grandfather or Granddad Shirt Soft Cotton with Blue Stripe originates from rural Co Cork, evoking memories of times